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A lovely family style cook with a number of years’ experience.  Since 2011 she has worked on a freelance basis and before that she has been a full time private chef and has also raised two children.  Over the years she has catered for small private functions, canapé parties, children’s birthday parties, shoot weekends, 40th’s and almost everything in between.  She loves to travel with work and has worked in France, Italy, Malta and Bermuda among others.  She is very adaptable, her style is generally relaxed, family style food most of the time, however she is very happy to cater for more formal events.  She sells herself as a fantastic cook, but not a refined chef.  She has owned her own business, cooked for Ambassadors and Governors and comes highly recommended.  She has a friendly demeanour and is a real professional, she often says ‘I cook because I love it’. 

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She has been a candidate of Lumleys since 2007, working as a freelance cook while at University in Edinburgh.  She then decided to move from being a self-taught cook to a professional chef led her to the renowned Leiths School of Food and Wine in London, graduating in July 2015. During the year at Leiths She gained extensive experience in the cooking of many different types of cuisines and developing her skills and techniques. While working freelance, she has done many weeks cooking for families and large parties abroad, as well as cooking for events such as birthday parties and most notably, in 2014, a large events. She is a talented and dedicated chef with a personable and professional manner making her well suited to any private or corporate setting.

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Liv qualified from Leiths School of Food and Wine, a course she thoroughly enjoyed and relished throughout.  Liv loves cooking fresh seasonal food, and particularly favours Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours. She is trained in classic French and British cooking and feels at home catering for dietary requirements too.  She has since built up her experience cooking for families on their holidays and private dinners and also working well in a well renowned direct dining room. She is a brilliant Cook with a great personality and would suit any household.

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