Tuesday Restaurant Recommendations - Paradise Garage


Today's recommendation is from Dan in our Corporate Catering Desk. Before working for Lumleys, Dan was
a professional chef so knows a thing or two about his food! 


 "My recommendation is Paradise Garage.


Paradise garage is a very  trendy restaurant in Bethnal Green with a modern twist on classic flavours. The
presentation is on trend and quite different.


It mixes up Modern British and European cuisine, which I really enjoy. The portion sizes are great
which is good as the food is so tasty.



I would definitely recommend the tasting menu, when I went there last year it was great. My
favourite dish when I visited was the Pan Fried Sardine Fillets which were
perfectly cooked and finished off at the table


The venue is great, it’s under one of the arches of the railway tracks and the glass front of the
restaurant opens out so when we visited in the summer it was perfect”