Tuesday Restaurant Recommendations- The Square

Tuesday Restaurant Recommendations- The Square

The Square is a 2 Michelin Star restaurant located in Mayfair, London.

Everything about the Square is just divine- the atmosphere, the staff, the décor, the wine and most importantly the food.

Out of the two of us there, one was an open-minded chef and the other was a vegan, for this reason they designed a special a la carte menu to accommodate for us.

Each dish was carefully thought through, full of flavour and wonderfully seasonal. Between each of the four courses were small taster dishes. The highlights for each were;


Meat main- Fillet of beef, glazed short rib, smoked bone marrow and onion caviar



Vegan pre desert- Fresh mandarin, mandarin and lemon gel and freeze dried mandarin.


The whole dining experience was wonderful and we would both love to go back.