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Call one of our consultants today to discuss your requirements on 020 7976 6000, or fill out the enquiry form and we will respond to you within the next 24 hours or by the next business day. We will be delighted to help you find your ideal My Chef.

If at all possible, take some time to have a detailed conversation with us, so we can get a thorough brief from you regarding your exact needs.

We will need to know:

  • Your preferred date
    Is this confirmed, or do you have alternative dates as back up?
  • Numbers of guests
    Do you have definite numbers at this stage, or an approximate number?
  • Location
    Will the dinner party or event take place in your own home or somewhere else?
  • What facilities the Chef will have access to
    Will they be working in an average domestic kitchen, or have a large catering area etc? What specialist equipment will be available?
  • Style of cuisine required
    If you have already decided – remember, we can always advise and help with this.

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